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UD Tapes

VITECH Composites designed its own pregging machines to manufacture light weight UD tapes (PITCH or PAN based carbon, glass, aramid, flax, etc…) from 35 to 350gsm aerial weights, with a maximum width of 600mm and up to 300 roving spools.
Most of our UD tapes are impregnated with a hot-melt epoxy resin system called “XB3515”.  This REACH compliant system is strengthened and has a dry Tg of 130°C-140°C.

Our epoxy resin is mixed with its hardener and filmed on siliconized paper at the desired width and areal weight.  UD tapes are rolled on Ø12’’ mandrels and sealed into plastic bags before being boxed for shipment.


Our proprietary process enables the production of UD tapes using any available roving on the market.

Our most frequently produced UD tapes are listed below:

1. High resistance carbon (UTS50 24K, T700 24K, TR50S 12K, HTS40 24K aero grade)

2. Intermediate modulus carbon (IMS65 24K)

3. High modulus carbon (HR40 12K)

4. Ultra High Modulus carbon (M46JB 12K)

5. PITCH based carbon (K13916, K63712, XN80)

6. E glass (EC14 2400tex)

7. Flax

For more information about standard UD tapes which VITECH keeps in stock, please refer to our marine prepreg catalog