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Prepreg Fabrics

Our Prepreg Fabrics (carbon, glass, aramid, flax, etc.…) of a maximum width of 1m are impregnated with the “XB3515” hot-melt resin. Aerial weights vary from 45 to 450 gsm. This toughened epoxy system is compatible with hot press, oven and autoclave processes and comply with REACH regulations. It can achieve excellent mechanical properties with a relatively high Tg of 130 – 140°C.

VITECH can impregnate your dry fabrics on demand with the “XB3515” which can also be tinted on demand in any color provided a MOQ of 150sqm.

Our epoxy resin is mixed with its hardener and filmed on a siliconized paper at the desired width and areal weight.


For standard references, we usually keep in stock a few prepregs listed below:

1. HS carbon 3K 200gsm twill 2/2 and plain – 1000mm wide (not best for aesthetic finish)

2. HS carbon 285gsm twill 2/2 – 1000mm wide (not best for aesthetic finish)

3. HS carbon 12K 600gsm twill 2/2 – 1250mm wide

4. E Glass 25gsm – 550mm wide

5. E Glass 45gsm – 500mm wide

6. E Glass 85gsm – 500mm wide

7. E Glass 200gsm plain – 1000mm wide

8. E Glass 290gsm twill 2/2 – 1000mm wide

9. E Glass 290gsm 4H satin (~90% UD) – 1000mm wide