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Tube Manufacturing

Vitech Composites’ expertise in tubular profiles relies on its strong competencies in technologies of:

1. Filament Winding
2. Prepreg Wrapping

Any laminate structure can be achieved by combining both processes, from a single ply to hundreds of plies.  VITECH is an expert in the production of small diameter composites tubes with outer diameter tolerances of a few 1/100 mm.

Our house range of machinery and composites materials offer unlimited possibilities for customized products and make us very price competitive.


1. Filament Winding

Our Towpreg winding is a clean and fully automated process allowing for an efficient production of tubular profiles. VITECH owns five CNC filament winding machines up to 5 m in length which were all designed in-house.
Enroulement Filamentaire

2. Prepreg Wrapping

Prepreg wrapping consists in laying-up a prepreg sheet on a rolling table before wrapping it around a mandrel. VITECH owns four wrapping tables.
nappage des préimprégné