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Epoxy Pregging

VITECH Composites designed its own pregging calenders to manufacture light weight and high performance composites materials with a range of:

•    Prepreg Fabrics from 45gsm to 600gsm with a maximum width of 1m (carbon fabrics, glass or any other fabric reinforcement).

•    UD tapes from 35gsm to 350gsm: PITCH or PAN based carbon, glass, flax…up to 600mm wide.

•    Towpregs from carbon 3K to an assembly of multiple towpregs.  Our brand-new machine developed in-house enables us to impregnate any roving with accuracy at high speed. Epoxy resin is mixed with its hardener and filmed on a siliconized paper at the desired width and areal weight.

Our processes enable the production of Prepreg materials using any roving on the market.
A scanner continuously records the film thickness