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Accueil » Towpregs


VITECH Composites manufactures Towpregs of grades 3K, 6K, 12K, 24K (Based on E, R, S glass fiber or cabon fiber 240 to 550 GPa modulus) using our own formulation of chemical B-stage epoxy called “RV405”, which was specifically designed for the Filament Winding process.

Our “RV405” range of Towpregs are curable within or out of autoclave in a range of temperature from 80 °C to 120 °C with a maximum dry Tg of 120 °C.

“RV405” Towpregs comply with REACH regulations.

Shelf-life at room temperature is around 4 weeks and can reach 12 months when stored at -18 °C.

For special requests, VITECH can impregnate any fiber from 6K to 50K with a MOQ of 12 spools.

A few standard towpregs are kept in stock as listed below:

1. HS carbon 24K (UTS50 24K) – 6-8mm wide

2. HS carbon 12K (TR50S 12K)– 6-8mm wide

3. HS carbon 12K (TR50S 12K) – 3-5mm wide

4. HS carbon 6K (TR50S 6K) – 3-4mm wide

5. HM carbon (HR40 12K) – 3-4mm wide

6. E Glass (EC14 1200tex) black resin

7. E Glass (EC14 2400tex) black resin