The Vitow® has been developed to offer a competitive alternative to slit-tape for automated fiber placement.

Our towpregs are impregnated with low tack resin system RV201 and calibrated to ¼’’ or ½’’ wide with a 10mm wide backing foil. Each spool is delivered with a certificate of conformity that indicates the width tolerance: >90% of the length must fit in the tolerance of 6,35mm +/- 0,5mm.

Vitow® range of products offer many advantages:
– No cut fibers on the edges, each tow being impregnated individually: less maintenance of your fiber placement robot
– No splice: fiber areal weight can be optimized up to the cutting blades max capacity
– Runs on Coriolis Composites robots at full speed. Compatible with MTorres AFP robots
– Available with many fibers: HS carbon, IM carbon, glass, aramide…
– Small MOQ: 6 spools if standard, 12 spools if specific inquiry
– Low cost

This product is used for the production of marine foils, wheel rims and non structural aerospace applications.

We are proud to support Avel Robotics for the production ETF26 foils and rudders with HS and IM carbon fiber Vitow®.