Vitech sponsors KA-RaceIng electric race car for Formula Student competition 2020

Vitech Composites team is very happy to become an official sponsor of the “KA-RaceIng” team, a university group at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. In just one year, 90 student-engineers will proceed through the entire process of automotive development, in order to manufacture two powerful race cars. With these race cars, they participate in one of the largest worldwide technical competitions, Formula Student, declined in 3 categories: FS combustion, FS driverless, FS electric.

The concept of KA-RaceIng electric car is based on a self-developed lap time simulation. As a result, the engineering students concentrated on reducing vehicle weight and improving downforce. Structurally, a newly developed simulation to determine the optimal structure of layers was used for the monocoque. 


They were using dry as well as pre-impregnated fibers in combination with aluminum and Nomex honeycombs. For the upcoming season, the team focusses especially on reliability, reduction of vehicle weight, and further development of the aerodynamics.

Furthermore, they will use various products from Vitech Composites in the manufacturing process of the monocoque, for a more efficient production, higher quality, and optimal weight reduction.


KA-RaceIng electric car has won the 2nd Place Overall in this year’s Formula Student Germany. We wish them to win the 1rst Place in 2020 !

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