Composites have been largely used to design new aircrafts in the last two decades. Since 1980, the average composite percentage in aircrafts went from 5% to 25% (until 50% for the most recents). Using composites materials opens extraordinary engineering opportunities related to strength, weight or cost.


Project Details

  • Vitech obtained several normed to make its product usable by its aeronautic partners
  • Vitech developed a unique expertise in the manufacturing of carbon tubes
  • Vitech is continually working to improve its process (especially testing new resins opportunities)

Vitech is today involved in several important projects in the aeronautic industry and is a highly qualified partner to elaborate with you and manufacture your carbone tubes or prepreg materials.

Turbine und Flugzeug


Example: helicopter Blades

HelicoVitech  Profil Section of an helicopter Blade