Who are we?

VITECH COMPOSITES SAS is a member of VSA group of companies. The company covers two industrial specialities : Impregnation of fabrics and carbon, glass or fiber to prepare unidirectional (UD) pre-pregs or tow-pregs and production of tubular components either by filament winding tow-preg processes or lay up process

Vitech Composites has been providing customized solutions to its clients for more than 60 years. We have worked on a wide range of projects from different industries. Contact us with what you need and we will show you how we can be part of your success! The company covers a large number of clients in France and abroad : energy, aeronautics, sport, yachting, medical...

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What we do

We cover a wide range of products in two main domaines: IMPREGNATION : unidirectional (UD) prepreg (from 30g/m2 to 350 g/m2 and from 250 GPA to 900 GPA) , towpreg and production of TUBULAR COMPONENTS.

Tow preg

High performance composites - Vitech Composites - Prepreg Tow-preg Tubes

Vitech Towpreg products are stables for up to many months at ambient temperature for shipping and storage (pot life). Our towpreg products can be made for a large array of different applications.

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IMG_5783 We impegnate fabrics and carbon, glass or fiber to deliver the best prepregs  

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Vitech Composites manufactures tubes mainly from its pre-impregnated materials

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Our mission: Help you benefit from the extraordinary opportunities created by composites



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